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Prescription List


  • 1) add new click open prescription which you can add prescription
  • 2) in this section date, name of patient, prescription id and action
  • 3) view diagnosis report open diagnosis report for particular patient
  • 4) view presction click then open prescription detail page for particular patient
  • 5) edit: you can edit particular record of prescription
  • 6) delete: click on delete button then delete particular record of prescription

Prescription Add and Edit Form


  • 1) prescription id: in this field show prescription id which cannot be editable
  • 2) patient: in this dropdown you can edit patient name
  • 3) date: this field set date
  • 4) case history: select case history for prescription
  • 5) about case history detail
  • 6) oe: select oe option from dropdown
  • 7) detail about oe
  • 8) medicine: select medicine from dropdown
  • 9) how to take medicine instruction and click on add button then add more medicine and instruction section.
  • 10) medical test: select medicine test and no 11, 13,14,16,17 points for medical test you can add more.
  • 11) point no 12 and 15 remove each medical test
  • 12) remark: you can add any remark for particular prescription
  • 13) update/save: click on this button all information save or update.