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Todo List


  • 1) add new: click on add new open todo open page
  • 2) show the how many record show in single page
  • 3) search: search anything in message list
  • 4) in this section sr no, date, detail, description and action
  • 5) view: click on view then open view detail page of particular record
  • 6) edit: you can edit particular record
  • 7) delete: you can delete particular record
  • 8) total no of record show in this section
  • 9) paggination: goto previous or next page

Todo Add and Edit Form


  • 1) detail: in this field enter detail
  • 2) description: in this field enter detail
  • 3) notification date: in this field select date from datepicker
  • 4) save: click on save all information save

Todo View


  • 1) detail: show the detail of particular record
  • 2) description: show the description about todo
  • 3) notification date with time
  • 4) close: click on close button popup box close