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Enquiry List


  • 1) Per Page Item: This dropdown show no of list item on page when click any number then show number of items
  • 2) Search Item: This search box is usefull for search any item from the list
  • 3) In this section show Action,User Name,Email,phone number,product name, preferred time,also interest, enquiry status, date
  • 4) click on this button then goto enquiry view page for particular enquiry
  • 5) click on user name then goto particular user edit page
  • 6) click on product name goto particular product form page
  • 9) showing: show the number of total records and show in one page record
  • 10) pagging: paggination for goto next page and previous page

Enquiry Detail


  • 1) Name: name of user whose enquiry of product
  • 2) Email: user email
  • 3) show the Phone number of user whose enquiry particular product
  • 4) Time: preferred time for contact
  • 5) Enquiry date time show the which date and time user enquiry particular product
  • 6) show the status of product
  • 7) Message: show the user when enquiry this product then what message written by user
  • 8) Add Remark: add you remark for particular enquiry
  • 9) Choose Date: choose the date by date and time picker
  • 10) click on return to enquiry then goto enquiry list page
  • 11) Submit: Click on this then submit the data



  • 1) In this section show Id,Name,Title,Received, Action
  • 2) Name: in this input field type name and search by name
  • 3) Email: in this input field type email and search by email
  • 4) Title: in this input field type title and search by title
  • 5) Received: in this input field type date and search by received date
  • 6) Reset: Click on this button then all filter data reset
  • 7) Filter: in above text box enter any name email title and received date and click on filter button then find result.
  • 8) Click on this button then open popup
  • 9) CSV Export: Click on this button then download excel of message list