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  • 1) This show heading of installation page
  • 2) pre installation: in this tab detail about for installation quiz pre requirement
  • 3) basic requirement for install quizy project on your system like php version,required version for php
  • 4) extension about quizy project like mysqli database,curl,mbstring and zip file
  • 5) list of file permission for which file you want give permission.
  • 6) next: click on this button then goto next tab



  • 1) This tab for detail about project configure
  • 2) database host: name of databasehost,database user name, database password and database name
  • 3) administration detail: firstname, lastname, email, username and password
  • 4) purchase code: item purchase code
  • 5) finish: click on this button then goto success tab if all above detail fill correctly