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  • 1) This heading show name of category which you click on category
  • 2) This show page title
  • 3) This dropdown used for sorting quiz list by attended,liked and recent
  • 4) This badge show if quiz is free then show free if paid then show quiz price
  • 5) If quiz is free then unlock icon show otherwise lock icon show
  • 6) Show no of question for this quiz
  • 7) Show no of duration for test
  • 8) Eye icon show how many user visit this quiz
  • 9) Heart icon show how many user like this quiz
  • 10) Title of quiz and click on it then go to quiz detail page
  • 11) User name which user assigned
  • 12) Click on it go to test page
  • 13) stars show how many ratting for above quiz
  • 14) study material for heading of study material
  • 15) if any study material exist then show study material otherwise show no study material