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Admin Turor

Turor Request List


  • 1) Per Page Item: This dropdown show no of list item on page when click any number then show number of items
  • 2) Search Item: This search box is usefull for search any item from the list
  • 3) in this section show no, name, username, email and action
  • 4) click on right icon then tutor request is approved
  • 5) click on cross icon then tutor request is reject
  • 6) edit: click on edit button then open edit form page
  • 7) eye: click on eye icon then popup open for user qualification and experice page open

Turor Edit page


  • 1) show the hint for tutor request
  • 2) username: change the username
  • 3) first name: change the user first name
  • 4) last name: change the user last name
  • 5) language: change the user language
  • 6) email: change ther user email
  • 7) status : change the user status active or inactive
  • 8) is admin: change ther user value user tutor and sub admin
  • 9) time accomodation: change the time accomodation
  • 10) institute: change the institute for particular tutor
  • 11) course: change the course
  • 12) password: if you want to change password then enter password
  • 13) confirm password: if you change password then re enter your password
  • 14) upload: change your image
  • 15) update: This button click then all user information update
  • 16) cancel: This button click then go to user list page and cancel update data