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Admin Payment

Admin Payment List


  • 1) Per Page Item: This dropdown show no of list item on page when click any number then show number of items
  • 2) Search Item: This search box is usefull for search any item from the list
  • 3) in this section show number, name of user, name of quiz for payment,amount, payment method,status, action for view detail and invoice
  • 4) status: show current status of user payment status and change the status from dropdown
  • 5) right icon: click on that change status of payment
  • 6) view detail: click on it then open popup
  • 7) invoice: click on it then goto invoice page
  • 8) showing: show the number of total records and show in one page record
  • 9) pagging: paggination for goto next page and previous page

View Payment Detail


  • 1) status: show the payment status of particular user
  • 2) method: show which type of payment method used by particular user
  • 3) name: show the name of quiz for which you purchased item
  • 4) price: price of item
  • 5) date: which date user payment for above item
  • 6) email: user email
  • 7) token no: when user paid amount then payment token generate
  • 8) name: name of user
  • 9) invoice: click on it then goto invoice page
  • 10) close: close popup



  • 1) print: click on this goto pring page
  • 2) logo: site logo
  • 3) basic detail: address,email and phone number of office
  • 4) invoice to: name of user and email
  • 5) invoice number: user invoice number
  • 6) invoice date: when user paid for particular item
  • 7) status: show the status of user payment
  • 8) description: name of item and brief description about item
  • 9) total: total of item price and other charges
  • 10) subtotal: item price and less gst
  • 11) gst: item price applicable gst charge
  • 12) grand total: sum of item price and charges with currency type
  • 13) Thank you