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Admin Membership

Membership List


  • 1) add membership: click on this button then goto add form page
  • 2) Per Page Item: This dropdown show no of list item on page when click any number then show number of items
  • 3) Search Item: This search box is usefull for search any item from the list
  • 4) in this section show number, title, duration, amount and action
  • 5) edit: click on this button then goto edit form page
  • 6) delete: click on delete button then particular record delete
  • 7) showing: show the number of total records and show in one page record
  • 8) pagging: paggination for goto next page and previous page

Membership Add


  • 1) Title: set the name of membership
  • 2) category: choose category from dropdown for membership
  • 3) amount: set the amount for memebrship
  • 4) duration: set the time limit for membership
  • 5) description: set the detail about membership
  • 6) save: click on save button then all information save
  • 7) cancel: click on cancel then goto membership list

Membership Edit


  • 1) Title: Change the neme of membership
  • 2) category: change category from dropdown
  • 3) amount: change the amount of membership
  • 4) duration: change the time period of memebrship
  • 5) description: change the short detail about membership
  • 6) update: click update then all information update
  • 7) cancel: click on cancel then goto membership list