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General Settings


  • 1) Company Name: Your company name.
  • 2) Logo: Your company logo.
  • 3) Favicon: Your company favicon.
  • 4) Header Settings: What to you want to show in header logo or company name
  • 5) Address: Your company's address.
  • 6) Phone: Your company's phone.
  • 7) Email: Your company's email id.
  • 8) Default Date Format: Which date format you want to use in application.
  • 9) Timezone: Which timezone you want to use in application.
  • 10) Invoice No Start From: Initial number of invoice.
  • 11) save: save information.

HR Settings


  • 1) HR Setting: In this tab show hr related setting.
  • 2) Employee Default Mark Out Time: Default time considered when an employee automatically marked out.
  • 3) Employees Id Start From: Employee ID should be start from.
  • 4) Working Days: Company working days
  • 5) save: save information.

SMTP Settings


  • 1) SMTP Setting: In this tab show SMTP email related setting.
  • 2) SMTP Host - The SMTP Host if using SMTP.
  • 3) SMTP User - Your SMTP username.
  • 4) SMTP Password - Your SMTP Password.
  • 5) SMTP Port - Your SMTP Port number. Usually 25.
  • 6) save: save information.

Notification Settings


Notification Settings is used to set prior number of days for different settings

Notification Settings Form
Case Alert Days - Prior number of days to get alert of Case.
To Do Alert Days - Prior number of days to get alert of ToDo.
Appointment Alert Days - Prior number of days to get alert of Appointment.



Language Master is used to create new languages, update / delete existing languages and you can also download the language file. Language is used to convert the language of the system. To change the language there is dropdown in header.

  • 1) Language Name - Name of the Language. Icon/ Flag - Icon/ Flag of the Language. Language Direction - Choose the direction of language.
  • 2) Show the list of languages in this list you can view language detail, edit language and delete language.