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Case Study

Case Study List


  • 1) Add new: click on add new then redirect to case study form page.
  • 2) show: how many entries show in single page
  • 3) search: you can search entire case study list
  • 4) in this section show sr no, title, actions
  • 5) attachment: click on attachment goto attachment page
  • 6) view: click on view then goto case study view page
  • 7) edit: click on edit then goto form page and edit particular case study
  • 8) delete: delete particular case study
  • 9) paggination: show the pagination

Case Study Form add and edit


  • 1) title: set the title of case study
  • 2) case category: select any case category from dropdown
  • 3) note: set notes about case study
  • 4) result: set result of case study
  • 5) save: all case study form data save

Case Study Attachment


  • 1) add attachment: in this section you can set attachment title and upload attachment file add more click then you can add more attachment and save
  • 2) list of all attachment for paticular case study here you can download attachment and delete.