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Product Service

Product and Service List


  • 1) Add new: click on add new then goto form page of product and serice.
  • 2) export: click on export then all existing list export.
  • 3) show: show how many data show in single page.
  • 4) search: in this section you can search entire list.
  • 5) in this section sr no, name, sale price, purchase price, unit, action
  • 6) edit: click on this button goto form page
  • 7) delete: click on delete then delete particular data.
  • 8) paggination: here you can go previous and next page.

Product Service Add and Edit Form


  • 1) Name: in this field set name.
  • 2) sku: in this field set sku and this sky is unique for every record.
  • 3) description: in this field something about product and service.
  • 4) sale price: in this field set sale price of product.
  • 5) purchase price: in this field set purchase price of product.
  • 6) tax: in this dropdown select any tax type.
  • 7) category: in this dropdown select any category.
  • 8) unit: in this dropdown select any unit.
  • 9) type: in this field select type either product or service.
  • 10) save: click on save button all data save.